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Today is the official first day of fall and we’re already seeing pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! That means it’s time to rearrange your closet to bring out all your jackets and cardigans to the forefront! During this process, however, you start to get that nagging feeling again. The same feeling you get every season when layers start to take over your wardrobe and you say to yourself, “Is this the year I should do it? Should I get a fur coat?”

Our answer is YES! You should absolutely add a fur to your closet, but we know why there can be hesitation. A fur is an investment piece. We’ve put together a quick “Fur 101” lesson to help you bring home the perfect first fur.

  1. Look for bald spots in areas where rubbing can occur. Such as the elbows, underarms and neckline.
  2. Longhaired furs such as fox are some of the warmest furs you can buy but mink or chinchilla furs have dense underfurs that will also harness exceptional warmth.
  3. Most fur is known for being a luxury investment piece. However, if you’re looking for a reasonable priced first fur coat you will likely be going with a beaver, opossum or raccoon fur as they are less expensive.
  4. Furs are made from pelts, which are sections of the fur sewn together to make the garment. To make sure you are getting a genuine fur, check the underneath of a coat to make sure you feel a smooth suede leather-like texture.

At Clothes Circuit, we absolutely adore the furs we receive! Our consignors take great care of these pieces and it shows on each fur coat. It’s an absolute privilege to help these amazing garments find a new furever home. Ok, that was a bad pun but we hope it made you smile a little! Come in and give one of these fabulous coats a try on for size! You’ll realize that this is your year to go for it and add this investment piece to your wardrobe!

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