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Irene Mylan

In a recent articlefrom , Leah Frazier dove into the world of consignment and resale analyzing the tried and true brick and mortar retail stores versus the modern digital approach to online selling. We were inspired by this article and wanted to share the passions of Clothes Circuit founder, Irene Mylan, on the virtues of shopping a brick and mortar shop for consignment.

Being around for thirty years, Irene has established Clothes Circuit as one of the top consignment boutiques in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She’s maintained a strong presence for so long because she remains loyal to the 2 C’s. No, we are not referring to the initials in the name of her beloved store, but two C’s that are more important: her customers and consigners. Here’s where online venues have a disadvantage. They have a disconnect with the two C’s. Customers and consigners alike are unable to have that in-person connection with the products and that truly sets brick and mortar stores apart.

One of the aspects about Clothes Circuit that Irene highlights as an important factor for keeping her store going strong for so long is familiarity. Irene says, “we run with a staff of people who live in the neighborhood and have been with us for a decade or more. Our philosophy is to be utterly frank with our customers about what is attractive for them. We are not hustling for commissions and I truly believe that creates a more pleasant shopping experience.”

“With consigners shipping their precious items from all across the United States from California to Florida, it is no secret that establishing a connection with people will result in a lifelong partnership in the world of resale. Building and maintaining that trust level with consigners for many years is due to Clothes Circuit paying for items that sell long after an initial consignment period. We never claim consignors items as store property as is standard practice with other consignment stores. That notion does not sit well with me,” says Irene. The Clothes Circuit goal is to keep trying to sell our consignors great pieces and waiting for the right purchaser to see the beauty in that item.

With so many shopping options these days, it’s especially important to remember what you’re in business for in the first place. For Clothes Circuit and Irene, it’s the two C’s: our customers and consignors. We hope to see you in the store soon to find or display your own treasures.

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