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CC- summer bags


Whether you’re going on a quick weekend getaway or your dream vacation, having the perfect travel companion can practically make or break your mood! No one likes when they’re grabbing the bag out of the car and a strap breaks or dashing through the airport only to be halted at the gate digging for your ticket. We’re quickly approaching the summer travel season and finding the ideal bag can sometimes prove more difficult than we would like to credit. Do you need a lot of pockets for organizing? Maybe you just want the hottest color for the season to go with your new fab swimsuit? How do you know what style of bag will work for you? Here are 3 suggestions to snagging the perfect bag. It’s called the 3-S approach: straps, size and strategy.

Straps on a bag are very important. Thick straps won’t dig into your shoulder when toting all your travel essentials and gadgets. All those things can get heaving and having thin straps can sometimes lead to them digging into your shoulder if you need to load it up with a lot of goodies. Perhaps you need something with more of a cross-body style strap? A no-fuss approach usually results in comfort for your shoulders when donning all your summer essentials on your hip.

Size DOES matter. Thinking about what you will be putting into your summer travel bag will help you decide how big or small a bag you will need. Carrying a multitude of things for the kids and yourself can add up quickly. Sunscreen, flip-flops, poolside-reading materials, tablets. These are some of our favorite summer travel essentials and they somehow always get thrown into ‘the summer bag’.

Strategy is going to rule all when deciding on what will be your perfect travel bag. Think about what will you be using it for the most and where will you be taking the bag? Does the bag need to be made of a material that can withstand the elements? Beach, sun, sand, water or greasy sunscreen hands can all take a toll on your summer bag but having the perfect material will help it come back next summer! Maybe you are dashing through the airport for an exotic beach vacation and need to be organized above all else? Having a bag that holds its shape with many pockets will only help you glide through customs with ease.

Stop by and let us help you find the perfect bag, dress or piece of jewelry for your Summer plans. Follow the 3-S approach and you can’t go wrong! And at our prices, you might end up buying several styles. Because having options is a very good thing…

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