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Zagat names Clothes Circuit “Outstanding”

ZAGAT Poster 001

Clothes Circuit is thrilled to receive an “outstanding” rating from Zagat for 2014. Zagat ratings are on a 30-point scale, made up of ratings for defined areas including food, decor, service, and cost (30 is the highest rating on the scale and 1 is the lowest). These results are based on the opinions of thousands of shoppers. Thank you to everyone who gave us their vote of approval!

Save 40-50% off starting January 9, 2014


Let’s kick off 2014 in style, shall we?
Starting Thursday, January 9

SAVE 40% OFF original price of all FALL clothing

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Clothes Circuit Spotlights: Dawn Mellon

Dawn Mellon wears many hats – both literally and figuratively. On her new blog, she just wrote an article singing the praises of a beautiful chapeau. Mellon is a fashion stylist with personal, commercial and editorial styling experience. Her personal clients range from homemakers and corporate executives, to local and national celebrities (she’s worked with the likes of Emmitt and Pat Smith, Amy Vanderoef and fashion designer Michael Faircloth). Her experience ranges from working one-on-one with her personal clients to develop a look and image to suit their lifestyles to working with designers, photographers, models, and media outlets to create looks and images for editorial pieces, advertising campaigns, look books, fashion shows, etc. Dawn was recently named to DFW Style Daily‘s Best Dressed List for her own unique sense of style and sophistication. She shared this distinction with 12 others throughout the Dallas community, including nationally-known Fashion Designer Khanh Nguyen of Nha Khanh.

Dawn Mellon_Brahmin Handbag

Mellon whispers sweet nothings to a Brahmin clutch

Mellon is a cancer-survivor with a heart bigger than Texas who devotes much of her time to fiercely championing research and treatment causes for a cure. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Society will honor her at their upcoming Saint Valentines Luncheon and Fashion Show with the 2014 Heart of Gold Award. She also works closely with The Prom Closet, which provides dresses, shoes, and jewelry to girls who, for economic reasons, wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to go to their Prom. A few years ago, Mellon asked us if we would consider donating items after their consignment period expired, to The Prom Closet and we said ‘yes’ without hesitation. We now work together every year, and, collectively, bring so much happiness to so many young girls.

Dawn Mellon_Editorial Styling

Mellon works her magic on an editorial shoot

We chatted up Dawn Mellon via email to get inside the mind of this “Savvy Stylist”:

CC: How do you utilize consignment stores?

DM: I have been taking my clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry to Clothes Circuit for quite some time – perhaps 8 years or so. It is a great way to recoup some of the investment I’ve made in my wardrobe. Plus, I’ve purchased some great pieces, as well.

CC: What is it that you like specifically about shopping resale? The thrill of the hunt? Being cost conscious?

DM: I’m all about ‘the thrill of the hunt!’ I may go through three racks of clothes and find nothing, and then, ta-da, there it is: the diamond, the golden ticket, the piece that not only makes my heart skip a beat, but keeps me coming back time and time again!

CC: Tell me about a great find you acquired or an amazing deal you’ve gotten by shopping consignment?

DM: I have found some GREAT pieces at Clothes Circuit, including my most recent purchase: a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag. But, my favorite ‘treasure’ is a Jean Paul-Gaultier skirt and top I purchased for under $100.

CC: Do you incorporate resale into your work with clients or is it just a personal passion?

DM: As a fashion stylist, I’ve also opened my client’s eyes to the benefits of consigning their clothes, which, otherwise, would likely have been donated.


Dawn Mellon loves a good hat

You can learn more about Dawn Mellon and her services at



Clothes Circuit Spotlights Stylist Jeanette Chivvis

Jeanette Chivvis Head Shot

Jeanette Chivvis’ innovative and effortless style can be seen on television, the red carpet, international fashion editorials, emerging designers lookbooks and commercial ads all over the world. Her creative vision is defined as juxtaposing opposites and mixing vintage with contemporary to achieve her signature style. Her trend forecasting and intuitive styling are two things that make this Texas bred stylist stand out in a sea of fashion wannabes.

Hailing from a small west Texas town, she poured herself into VOGUE and COSMO at the age of 9. With stars in her eyes as big as TEXAS, she made her move to Los Angeles where she debuted her own line, “Nay-Nay LA” which sold in over 60 stores nationally and internationally. Off the success of her line, she opened a celebrity hot spot boutique, “Sugar On La Brea” with one of her Texas’ girlfriends. Right away, the southern infused boutique caught the attention of the LA fashion world. It was at Sugar, Jeanette started to style celebrities for the red carpet, became a fashion trend expert for the Style network, E! News and The fashion Team on TV Guide Channel and an editorial lead stylist for magazines. Some of Jeanette’s celebrity clientele included Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Tiffany, Amy Poehler, Isla Fischer, Patricia Arquette, Kyle Richards, Maureen McCormick, Cierra and more.

Missing her home state of Texas after nearly a decade in LaLa land, Jeanette decided to come home and settle down. She missed wide-open spaces; her close knit Texas family and her chicken fried steak! She opened a contemporary wholesale showroom in Dallas. She represents designers and helps them develop their brands and continues to be one of the most sought after lead stylist in the south for editorials, commercials and advertising. She produces fashion shows for charities with her group, ProArtist Group. She is also employed by ABC Good Morning Texas as the “Frugal Fashionista” and does on-air segments produced and written by her. You can see her every three weeks on Good Morning Texas and see my newest editorial styling work in the new PATRON magazine for Dec/Jan.

Clothes Circuit asked Jeanette to talk to us about her views on resale and consignment shopping:

Jeanette Chivvis Fur CoatCC: How do you utilize consignment stores? Do you take gently-worn clothing and accessories to get cash back? Do you also shop consignment stores? Both?

JC: Being the FRUGAL FASHIONISTA for GMT, I have always made it a point to find the best deal on the nicest designer clothing. I utilize CC for many reasons:
1) I go there for editorial fashion shoots to pull wardrobe to feature in my story. They have such a vast array of designers and styles. It is like a treasure chest I hunt until I find the crown jewels that I can’t wait to style and that are perfect for my story.
2) I go there to pull for FRUGAL FASHIONISTA segments for GMT because seriously it doesn’t get better than the quality, variety and PRICE at CC. I debated on sharing because I like to think it is our insider secret but it is just too good not to share with my viewers.
3) Honestly, I shop for ME! I love nice designer clothing but I am level headed about price. I like to give back to the orphanages for children ( since my son came from one in Houston) and I also like to invest. So at Clothes Circuit I can get fabulous designer clothing for 90% off retail – seriously that is HEAVEN to me!

I will say NOT all consignment stores are made equal in my eyes. I only shop CC mostly because the location is the best in town. When teaching about how to shop consignment I always say “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION” just like real estate. MOST IMPORTANT to consider before venturing off to shop consignment. I have stopped in some random consignment stores in questionable locations before and it is just all kinds of DON’TS and WRONGS!

Chivvis JeanetteCC: What is it that you like specifically about shopping resale? The thrill of the hunt? Being cost conscious?

JC: I am kinda of a tree hugger hippie, so I like the recyclable and green aspect of it. I also love to wear something that has a history to it. Same reason I love vintage. It has a history and a “soul” to it. I LOVE TO FIND A BARGAIN! It gives me a feeling like I out smarted the retailers and like I said before, I will spend some money on wardrobe. That is what I do for a living so I have to keep up my style. But that can get super expensive and plus I really do feel guilty if I spend thousands because I think it is being too indulgent and I know kids who struggle to eat everyday or don’t know where they will sleep. But that is my Southern Baptist guilt coming out, ya know?

CC: Tell me about a great find you acquired or an amazing deal you’ve gotten by shopping consignment?
JC: OMIGOSH! I got an amazing GOLD FENDI BAG from CC for $379. Orginally $1750 it is 88% off the original retail. I also got a Missoni dress for $65 at CC. AHHHHMAZING!

CC: Do you incorporate resale into your work with clients or is it just a personal passion?
JC: You can see above from question one how I totally incorporate it into my styling work. I really don’t do personal styling any longer because my fabulous agent keeps me busy with my corporate clients. I style commercial print for magazines, commercials, TV and fashion editorials for magazines. I do refer my friends and family to CC and also blog about them on occasion.

I also just LOVE IRENE and LINDA and the rest of CC. I have such deep respect and admiration for them as business women and also just on a personal level. They relate so well to their clients and have such strong relationships with their clients. They both are so down to earth but also know exactly what they are doing. I love Irene’s quiet confidence and humility. I know what it takes to run a boutique I had one in LA. It is not easy to keep a boutique running for 10 years much less 30 and run it successfully like she does. I also love Linda’s sense of style and her talent for identifying luxury and matching the perfect client to the product as soon as it comes in the store. I have gone into her office before and I say “OMIGOSH, who’s is that” she says ” We just got that in today and I immediately called Mrs. X and she bought it right over the phone and I am holding it for her.” 🙂 I just can’t say enough about them. I bought my first Chanel purse there right out of college before I moved to LA and just felt so empowered that I could own a chanel bag even though I was this poor college grad starting out in the fashion world in Dallas. It gave me hope as cheesy as that sounds.

You can follow Jeanette Chivvis on Instagram at

Office Party Makeover #101



KTXD’s The Broadcast asked us to participate in a fun segment with them. They held a contest and selected a winner to receive a holiday makeover for her office holiday party. Carissa came by last week and met with our lifestyle expert, Cynthia Smoot of to select a look that was appropriate and altogether FABULOUS for an office holiday party. Today, our look appeared on the show along with hair, make-up and accessories for a complete look. Smoot’s biggest tip? When selecting a great outfit for an office party, “take the word ‘sexy’ out of your vocabulary. You want to look beautiful and sophisticated, but not sexy. Even though it’s a party, these are still your professional peers!”

Thrift In The City on Clothes Circuit



We were smitten the moment we met her. Dionne from Thrift In The City is a girl after our own heart… She wrote about us on her blog, “I first learned about the upscale consignment boutique via Yelp (yawl know I Yelp all the best shopping spots before I shop ) As with most Yelp reviews, the ratings were pretty varied. However, when it came to Clothes Circuit, one theme continued to play out; people were so amazed by the consignment boutique that they didn’t want to share this Dallas treasure. That sounds like I place I want to be!”

Clothes Circuit Spotlights Designer Ann Tobias

Ann TobiasFashion designer Ann Tobias is a woman with a mission: to introduce all women to the beauty of colors, motifs and handiwork found around the world through her collections. With impressive and prestigious degrees in both vocal performance and fashion design, a well-used passport, and a passion for all things handmade, she’s spent thirty-five years working with Mrs. H. Winter, Frank Masandrea, Basix Black Label, and Mike Benet before starting her own Ann Tobias, Leslie Lucks, and most recently Roja Collection, launched in 2011.

Understanding and appreciating how fashion can make a woman feel beautiful, Ann designs clothes that can be casual yet sophisticated, and always flattering and classic. Currently deep in the design world working on the Spring 2015 Collection for Roja, Ann managed to find a few minutes to talk to us about her experiences with consignment shopping.

We asked Ann for her thoughts on consignment shopping and the state of fashion:

Clothes Circuit: Do you consign your gently worn clothing?
Ann Tobias: I do consign my gently worn clothing to Clothes Circuit and have for over 25 years!

CC: Do you also shop consignment stores? What do you like about the experience?
AT: I have always shopped consignment stores and been proud of it! I love a bargain and finding designer and couture clothing that is in perfect condition, merchandised well AND affordable, is my kind of “sport”! The women of Dallas shop the world and have great taste, so why not take advantage of that great pool of talent?

CC: Can you tell me about a great find or bargain you have found through shopping resale?
AT: One of my favorites, found right here at Clothes Circuit, is a one of a kind, hand-painted, black suede circular skirt that I love and wear to this day….now where else would you find something like that? I also love my Valentino cameo pink silk charmeuse top, with hand-rouched sleeves and shoulder motifs.

CC: What is your favorite current fashion trend?
AT: Ethnic-inspired hand embroidery in beautiful colors on almost anything!

CC: On that note, what trend are you glad has moved on or gone out of style?
AT: Frankly, I’m glad that the trend is that we can now wear anything we choose to wear and the myopic trends of the past, that dictate only one silhouette, one style or one color as fashionable, are finished….

CC: How would you describe your personal style?
AT: I love handiwork, such as beading or embroidery, that reflects different cultures, times and lifestyles. I guess you could call me a bohemian- hippie- chameleon- romantic that loves fine fabrics, great craftsmanship and gorgeous color combinations. I constantly change and combine looks, always seeking new and very different kinds of shapes, textures and embellishments.

To view Ann Tobias’s collections, visit, where you can find her schedule of upcoming events and learn where to purchase her clothing.

Rings from Things Trunk Show

122_Th_ks6181Rings from Things is an extraordinary collection of select vintage and antique jewelry that has been given new life by being made into rings that you can enjoy every day. They like to say they are “Heirlooms Once Again”. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into antique jewelry surpasses anything we see today.

But many old pins, brooches and pendants aren’t worn now. The skilled craftsmen from Rings from Things transforms these jewels into exquisite rings that will become your signature piece, and show your distinct style.

rings from things citrine

They travel around the world in search of elegant hard-to-find jewelry items that they can restyle into rings you will treasure.

Every item they sell is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. You’ll never see anyone else with a ring like yours from Rings from Things. Stop by our trunk show and discover the latest rings they’ve added to the collection.

Stop by on Friday, October 25 from 11am to 4pm and see these beautiful pieces!

How to organize your messy closet

messy closet

photo: Huffington Post

Stuffing your closet with clothes is easy, but sifting out the old can feel as stressful as living with it. So how do you begin to get organized?

Here are a few guidelines to eliminating the clutter:

  • You no longer LOVE it.
  • You haven’t worn it in over a year.
  • That trend is no longer in style.
  • It no longer projects the image you want to project.
  • It itches, scratches or pinches.
  • It’s damaged – missing buttons or has a broken zipper

From the merchandise you’ve pulled out of your closet, evaluate what you can consign and what should be donated. When you can walk into your closet, see all of your options at a glance and know that everything in it will make you look and feel your best – that’s a great way to start your day!


Source: CNNLiving


Save 20% on purses this weekend

Save 20% off already reduced handbags
(including designer labels)
Friday, Oct. 11 through Sunday, October 13
Looking to consign your gently worn apparel, shoes and accessories? 
We have recently extended our receiving hours to include Saturdays!
Receiving hours are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Clothes Circuit is now carrying cocktail, after-5 dresses and suits. Start shopping now for your holiday party needs!

Clothes Circuit Spotlights Lisa Petty

Lisa Petty_DFW Style Daily

From current events reporting to celebrity interviews and television appearances, Lisa Petty‘s career in journalism is varied and exciting. After contributing to publications including the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Observer, and the San Antonio Current, Lisa shifted her focus exclusively to fashion in 2010 as Shopping Editor for NBC’s The Feast. With the launch of DFW Style Daily in July 2011, Lisa brings her trusted reputation in the industry to a unique new outlet for Dallas-Fort Worth fashion news and commentary.

Although she’s beautiful enough to be a professional model, Petty prefers to shine a spotlight on others and express her love and appreciation of fashion through her online magazine, DFW Style Daily. Petty loves to discover emerging designers and promote the Dallas design scene. She’s known for her stylish and sophisticated appearance, but this fashionista knows how to rock a Target tee just as well as an Oscar de la Renta gown. We wondered how one of Dallas’ most stylish felt about resale and consignment. We emailed over a few questions, and here are Lisa’s answers:

CC: Have you ever shopped or consigned with Clothes Circuit?

LP: I’ve been a frequent and enthusiastic Clothes Circuit shopper for several years now, but I have yet to consign items from my own closet there.

CC: Have you ever shopped or consigned from other consignment stores or resale shops? If so, which ones do you frequent?

LP: Vintage, resale, and consignment shopping is, perhaps, my favorite retail category! I love the idea of discovering a new treasure, and knowing for sure that the same item isn’t being purchased by a dozen other women on the same day all across the city. Some of my favorite local stops include Zola’s Everyday Vintage, Dolly Python, Uptown Consignment, Ditto Boutique, and of course, Clothes Circuit.

CC: Tell me about a great find or deal you’ve made by shopping consignment?

LP: The amazing deals and finds I’ve discovered over the years are numerous! Some that immediately come to mind are a luxurious Mongolian lamb coat in candy-apple red, a brand-new pair of denim-accented Coach sandals that I wear at least once a week, a perfect ladies-who-lunch handbag by Burberry, and more DVF wrap dresses than I can count.

Check out DFW Style Daily for all the latest in fashionable news at


WIN a Shopping Spree from Clothes Circuit


From Friday, October 4 to Sunday, October 6, each time you are in the store you can stop by the register and enter to win a $250 shopping spree!

Drawings will be held at the close of business each day and the winner will be notified by email. 


Looking to consign your gently worn apparel, shoes and accessories? 

We have recently extended our receiving hours to include Saturdays!

Receiving hours are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Are you attending Cattle Baron’s Ball this year? We have a wide array of clothing options and boots to give you that cowgirl chic look. Mosey on over and take a gander at the options!

Save 20% on Wardrobe Basics Clothing September 27-29

Save 20% OFF the current price of Wardrobe Basics Clothing this weekend.

(sale excludes pink tickets)

Sale runs Friday, September 27 through Sunday, September 29


Looking to consign your gently worn apparel, shoes and accessories? 

We have recently extended our receiving hours to include Saturdays!

Receiving hours are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Heads up that the Walk a Mile in Our Shoes race is happening in Preston Center on Saturday, September 28. Until 11am, you might find it easier to park in the strip to the west of ours (closer to Douglas and walk across Westchester).  We have been assured our Consignment Door access will not be affected.The race has men running in high heels to draw attention to the issue of violence against women. We are donating a dollar for every item sold to the organization.    


WIN passes to a special screening of Girl Rising



Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film, directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, which tells the stories of 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers and narrated by 9 renowned actresses. Girl Rising showcases the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world.

Clothes Circuit is proud to be a sponsor of a special screening of this film on September 26:
Time: 6:30 PM Registration
7:00 PM Screening & Panel Discussion
Benefitting: The Genderside Awareness Project
Location: Angelika Film Center & Café (5321 E. Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75206)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’d like to go ahead and purchase your ticket, here are your options:
$10 Individual Ticket
$40 Fundraising Dinner + Individual Ticket

Fundraising dinner at Urban Taco next to the Angelika. Dinner includes Urban Taco’s chips & salsa trio, one soft drink/iced tea, one Margarita/Beer/Wine, three tacos from four varieties (beef, chicken, red snapper, or pork), black beans & rice. Space is limited to 40 people for the fundraising dinner at Urban Taco.

Save 15% Off Fall Clothing This Weekend



Take an additional 15% off the current price

 of FALL clothing with lavender or green tickets

Sale runs Friday, Sept. 13 through Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013.


Looking to consign your gently worn apparel, shoes and accessories?

We have recently extended our receiving hours to include Saturdays!

Receiving hours are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. year round 

NEW! Saturdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


NEW Fall items are hitting the floor daily, so shop now for the best finds for the season!   

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This #8100Melrose platform sandal is everything your Sunday afternoon needs. Size 10, $145🥂

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Flashback to the reign of nylon Prada bags, $415 📠

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Pastels are so in right now it hurts (in a good way!). Swipe to the end to for a very summer-appropriate size 4 Burberry halter, now only $37.50 at 70% off🍭