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Stay on Trend this Summer and White Out

White Out Blog PicThis past spring, we wrote about about a classic wardrobe favorite: the white shirt. Today, we’re revisiting this trend by giving it a head-to-toe look. The temperature may be scorching hot but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look any less put together! White is a cool, elegant & versatile color that we’re loving as a monochromatic look.

Of course, the classic white blouse is a great base piece to start this look but consider adding wide-leg trousers, pencil skirts, tunics and more to complete your monochromatic ensemble!

Glamour recently gave 3 white out looks for your summer go-to occasions; work, weekend and night out. See them here:

From blouses to trousers, dresses to hand bags – our racks are always full of classic white pieces. Stop by this week and add a white hot item to your closet!

Jumpsuits: The Insta-Outfit

JumpsuitThere’s something called your fashion comfort zone and then right outside that zone is the jumpsuit for summer. These pieces may be a bit intimidating but they shouldn’t be! They’re fabulous and actually effortlessly chic outfits for summer day or night. They are being called the new maxi dress & we’re welcoming this trend with open arms!

These little numbers are usually made from the most comfortable fabrics, which is why we all love the maxi dress so much in the first place. They typically have pockets and can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day sometimes with just one simple accessory. Seriously, there’s quite possibly not a better item to invest in for your summer wardrobe.

We have these fabulous pieces in store but they never last long! While you’re here, be sure to shop our fabulous selection of accessories to pair with your future favorite summer outfit- the jumpsuit!

Summer packing becomes a breeze Bag Snob, Tina Craig


Vacations, weekend getaways and spur-of-the-moment trips seem to be synonymous with the Summer season. Whatever the trip, packing will be necessary in some capacity. For most women, overpacking is an understatement.

Are you the type of traveler who brings 6 bags with you on every trip? Dallas’ very own, Tina Craig (better known as Bag Snob), does! She was recently featured in Harpers Bazaar to explain the method behind her packing madness.

To learn her packing tips and see her favorite travel products visit:

Macramakover Your Summer Wardrobe

Give your summer wardrobe a little texture with macramé, lace and crochet fabrics! The 70’s fashion trends have come back around (like all trends do) and lend themselves to building a more vast wardrobe using different textures while mixing and matching things you already own! Summer is here, so getting creative to stay cool is important. With these fabrics exploring your creative side, while also keeping the heat in check, is easy!

With consignment, you never know what amazing things you will find within our inventory. Recently, we’ve been seeing so many great macramé and crochet pieces come through our doors that have caught our attention. They never seem to stay on the sales floor long because, as you can see, there are several great ways to style these fabrics with your summer wardrobe.

Macremakover Collage Blog 6.16

Shown above, is our Holy Grail (see what we did there?) of a few of our favorite textured wardrobe pieces we think every summer wardrobe could benefit from including.

1. The Macramé dress. This dress is adorable and screams summer wedding. The neckline cut really makes this piece eye catching.

2. The lace accent. Having a lace accent on a pair of overalls is the perfect girly touch to this notoriously boxy and shapeless wardrobe piece.

3. A crochet top pairs well and adds texture to almost any outfit. Make this piece chic for day and night wear by pairing it with a leather pencil skirt or midi skirt.

Stop by Clothes Circuit this week and discover why we are Dallas’ best consignment stop for affordable fashions.


The debate continues: Brick and mortar consignment shops

Irene Mylan

In a recent articlefrom , Leah Frazier dove into the world of consignment and resale analyzing the tried and true brick and mortar retail stores versus the modern digital approach to online selling. We were inspired by this article and wanted to share the passions of Clothes Circuit founder, Irene Mylan, on the virtues of shopping a brick and mortar shop for consignment.

Being around for thirty years, Irene has established Clothes Circuit as one of the top consignment boutiques in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She’s maintained a strong presence for so long because she remains loyal to the 2 C’s. No, we are not referring to the initials in the name of her beloved store, but two C’s that are more important: her customers and consigners. Here’s where online venues have a disadvantage. They have a disconnect with the two C’s. Customers and consigners alike are unable to have that in-person connection with the products and that truly sets brick and mortar stores apart.

One of the aspects about Clothes Circuit that Irene highlights as an important factor for keeping her store going strong for so long is familiarity. Irene says, “we run with a staff of people who live in the neighborhood and have been with us for a decade or more. Our philosophy is to be utterly frank with our customers about what is attractive for them. We are not hustling for commissions and I truly believe that creates a more pleasant shopping experience.”

“With consigners shipping their precious items from all across the United States from California to Florida, it is no secret that establishing a connection with people will result in a lifelong partnership in the world of resale. Building and maintaining that trust level with consigners for many years is due to Clothes Circuit paying for items that sell long after an initial consignment period. We never claim consignors items as store property as is standard practice with other consignment stores. That notion does not sit well with me,” says Irene. The Clothes Circuit goal is to keep trying to sell our consignors great pieces and waiting for the right purchaser to see the beauty in that item.

With so many shopping options these days, it’s especially important to remember what you’re in business for in the first place. For Clothes Circuit and Irene, it’s the two C’s: our customers and consignors. We hope to see you in the store soon to find or display your own treasures.

Clothes Circuit Spotlights: Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Trending and forecasting are hobbies. History was her favorite subject in school. This may sound like someone you would find working Downtown at Deloitte but Rhonda Sargent Chambers’ interest are far from that world. As a model turned event planner, and mother of two teenage boys, Rhonda would be more likely to walk into the Deloitte office and start a fashion revolution instead.

Obsessed with fashion, Rhonda can barely get enough research of emerging trends to keep her satiated. Always carrying an innate curiosity about fashion, Rhonda founded her own fashion show & event production company, RSC Show Productions. Rhonda says, “with an amazing crew by my side, I produce small to large experiential events for clients & non-profits with winning results. Guiding our clients events with diligent attention to detail.” Needless to say, she is the go-to Dallas fashionista to help with your next event and we couldn’t be more privileged to have her as a Clothes Circuit consigner and shopper!

We recently caught up with this lovely & fashionable entrepreneur to talk about her feelings on consignment shopping and get her take on the resale industry:

CC: How do you utilize consignment stores? Do you consign gently-worn clothing and accessories as a way to get cash back? Do you shop consignment stores to find designer deals? Both?

RSC: Both! I love to repurpose everything because I hate to be wasteful. So, consigning my clothing and shoes is a fun way to let someone else enjoy my wardrobe! Also, I shop at Clothes Circuit for great pieces to add to my collection. It is a creative way for me to make money, then turn around and spend it in Clothes Circuit by discovering some new treasures for myself. Usually, I’m motivated to search for something very specific to bump up my current wardrobe with a trend color. I mostly look for designer ready-to-wear and the hunt is ALWAYS on for anything leather! The one thing I always find myself shopping for in Clothes Circuit is the perfect blouse. Either long sleeve, short sleeve, white or print they never go out of style. They are the best pieces to have in your closet because you can dress them up or down for day or night.

Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Pictured: Rhonda in a black leather Dana Buchman dress found at Clothes Circuit at her Rockwall High School Class Reunion with Dana Schwaner Thorton and Jeff Spicer


CC: What is your favorite thing about consignment shopping?  

RSC: I love spending the time to search for something fun to wear; you always find something that you may not need but it’s a ‘WANT’… you just gotta’ have it! My motto for consignment shopping in Clothes Circuit is to never leave empty handed!

NOTE: For the record, we like her motto.

CC: Tell me about a great find or the best deal you’ve made by shopping consignment.

RSC: My full-leather Dana Buchman dress was a steal at $120! With my store credit racked up from all my consignment drop-offs, it was like it was free!

Always keeping her philanthropic side alive, Rhonda’s next big charity fashion show this Fall to benefit an organization near and dear to her heart,  The Elisa Project. We encourage all our fashionable shoppers & consigners to help support this great cause and a woman we adore, Rhonda Sargent Chambers. To learn more about Rhonda’s work with RSC Show Productions, visit

Photo by Kent Barker, Makeup by Lana Adams, Jewels by Rare Gems of India and Clothing by Elements


Wearing Bold Prints: Tips & Tricks

Eva Longoria

photo: InStyle Magazine

Prints and patterns. We are seeing them all over the place this season and they have really started to catch our attention. Dresses, pants, skirts, tunics and blouses can all be found decorated up with these pretty patterns. We have so many beautiful colors, patterns and styles in stock for you to come play around with. The best part is that our inventory changes daily so there is always something new to see!

Our best advice for wearing these bold motifs is to mix & match but ultimately wear what you feel the most comfortable in. We adore this dress Eva Longoria is sporting. It’s flattering with and on trend with the geometric pattern. The negative space on the sides really give her a fantastic silhouette.

Keep in mind these 3 tips when donning bolder patterns this summer and you’ll always make the right statement:

– The fabric is your statement. Pair a floral blouse with a simple gold chain or pair of stud earrings. No need for a statement necklace with this ensemble.

– Keep your silhouette simple. A crisp trouser with a geometric print paired with the classic white blouse will be on trend yet not overcomplicate the system.

– Simplify the color scheme. Mixing and matching prints can be fun but don’t go overboard by also mixing and matching in too much color. Keep your bold floral blouse with a pastel color scheme paired with a simple small polka dot patterned skirt in a traditional khaki or navy blue.

photo 1

Summer Travel Essential: The Perfect Travel Bag

CC- summer bags


Whether you’re going on a quick weekend getaway or your dream vacation, having the perfect travel companion can practically make or break your mood! No one likes when they’re grabbing the bag out of the car and a strap breaks or dashing through the airport only to be halted at the gate digging for your ticket. We’re quickly approaching the summer travel season and finding the ideal bag can sometimes prove more difficult than we would like to credit. Do you need a lot of pockets for organizing? Maybe you just want the hottest color for the season to go with your new fab swimsuit? How do you know what style of bag will work for you? Here are 3 suggestions to snagging the perfect bag. It’s called the 3-S approach: straps, size and strategy.

Straps on a bag are very important. Thick straps won’t dig into your shoulder when toting all your travel essentials and gadgets. All those things can get heaving and having thin straps can sometimes lead to them digging into your shoulder if you need to load it up with a lot of goodies. Perhaps you need something with more of a cross-body style strap? A no-fuss approach usually results in comfort for your shoulders when donning all your summer essentials on your hip.

Size DOES matter. Thinking about what you will be putting into your summer travel bag will help you decide how big or small a bag you will need. Carrying a multitude of things for the kids and yourself can add up quickly. Sunscreen, flip-flops, poolside-reading materials, tablets. These are some of our favorite summer travel essentials and they somehow always get thrown into ‘the summer bag’.

Strategy is going to rule all when deciding on what will be your perfect travel bag. Think about what will you be using it for the most and where will you be taking the bag? Does the bag need to be made of a material that can withstand the elements? Beach, sun, sand, water or greasy sunscreen hands can all take a toll on your summer bag but having the perfect material will help it come back next summer! Maybe you are dashing through the airport for an exotic beach vacation and need to be organized above all else? Having a bag that holds its shape with many pockets will only help you glide through customs with ease.

Stop by and let us help you find the perfect bag, dress or piece of jewelry for your Summer plans. Follow the 3-S approach and you can’t go wrong! And at our prices, you might end up buying several styles. Because having options is a very good thing…

Orange: The Best Hue For You This Spring

Orange Collage


Gone are the days of associating orange garments with a penitentiary jumpsuit. This vibrant hue was spotted all over the runways at New York Fashion week for spring and summer 2014. Nothing was off limits either. The color took over all our favorite wardrobe pieces from pantsuits to blazers but we have our eye on a few fabulous pieces in particular. Here are our favorite outfit ideas to blend this citrus tone into your spring and summer go-to outfits.

  1. Tangerine orange is a very approachable shade to get on board with this spring. We love this simple shift dress that you would look fabulous in as we approach wedding season. Throw on a pair of cheetah print heels or even add some color with turquoise jewelry. After all, orange is the new black.
  2. Accessorize! For those wanting that pop of color, may we introduce you to the orange purse? What an amazing and versatile accessory this will be for you this spring and summer. We really are starting to think that this is the best hue ever. It goes with just about anything! Animal prints, purples, nudes or even pastels, your little navel orange arm candy will have you looking fabulous with any of the spring trends.
  3. One can never go wrong with a maxi skirt. Go bold this spring with pairing your maxi skirt with an orange blouse. With our vast jewelry selection, you will be sure to find something exceptional to pair with this outfit.

Remember how we mentioned in last week’s blog post that a monochromatic trend was sweeping the runways? Well, we especially love seeing this trend done with our new favorite color orange!

At Clothes Circuit we have an amazing selection of blouses, dresses, shorts, hand bags, jewelry and heels to pair with your new favorite orange must-haves. What better place to go to find JUST the perfect accessory or shirt to go with your new black orange wardrobe addition? You’ll never know what treasures you may discover on our floor that will make your off the runway look one of a kind.


The White Shirt Revival

White shirt with knot

White was a MAJOR trend at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014. At the core of this trend comes the revival of the classic white shirt. This is one trend is one we can really get behind because there are so many approaches on how to wear a classic white button down that mirror the trends seen on the runways for this year. Here are a few of our favorites that keep in mind the rising temperatures and busy schedules we have here in Dallas.

The Knot: A hot trend right now is the tea-length skirt. We are seeing a ton of fabulous skirts coming through our doors, but what’s the best way to style up these long-lost cousins of the mini skirt? With a classic white button down, of course. Take a look above and you’ll see a great example of how to make this outfit more playful by creating a knot to tie off the bottom of your shirt. Paired with a longer skirt, this will give you the chic classic look with a casual playful edge. Jazz up that old white button down shirt that has had to hide under all your work blazers all winter with this slight twist on styling.

The Chic Boyfriend: We love boyfriend jeans for spring and summer. They are roomy and comfortable. Pair them with a more feminine piece like a sheer white blouse to keep your wardrobe ready for the warmer temperatures while still looking put together. This look will be complete when you throw on that pair of fabulous leopard or neon orange heels you’ve been waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them with.

white shirt collage

The Monochromatic: One of our very favorite Spring & Summer runway trends was the monochromatic look many designers incorporated into their collections. At the core of every monochrome look was the classic white shirt. We love the monochrome look because we know many of our clients are on the go constantly. Taking a look from day to night is an important function of the looks in this trend and we think every woman can easily stay in style by using their classic white shirt as a base. Take a sleeveless white button down and layer it under a more sheer white or black button down blouse that has no collar. Pair with an embellished skirt for an easy office look that can also take you into your dinner party.

At Clothes Circuit, we have an amazing selection of white blouses for you to select from from lines like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Anne Fontaine, Elizabeth & James, Worth, Talbots, and Chico’s (to name few!). And if you’re in need of a few items to style up your classic white button down, we’ve got you covered there too. You’ll never know what treasures you may discover that will make your off the runway look one of a kind.

top photo:
photo collage:

Enjoy Tax Free Savings April 14-19 at Clothes Circuit



From Monday, April 14th through Saturday, April 19th, Clothes Circuit will pick up the tax on all of your clothing purchases.

Please note these Tax-Free savings will be for clothing only. Sale excludes jewelry, shoes and accessories.


Clothes Circuit Spotlights Bliss Caver

Bliss Caver
Bliss Caver, a Fort Worth-based professional stylist, can do it all and it’s all done in style. A mom, a wife and a wardrobe consultant, Bliss is a woman on the go. Her passion is showing her clients that there can be more to their wardrobe than a beige cardigan. Her favorite moment is seeing her clients glow by encouraging them to feel good in what they wear and the things they own.

“I love helping them get out of their box a bit and try new things in fashion, it’s amazing how it changes the way they look at everything,” says Bliss. What better way to test my client’s fashionista boundaries than with consignment shopping? At a store like Clothes Circuit, showing a statement piece like an Hermes bag paired with a fabulous pair of Gap jeans can open anyone’s eyes to the endless possibilities your closet can posses!”

We caught up with Bliss via email to get a better idea on how this stylist on the go works her magic.

CC: Have you ever shopped or consigned with Clothes Circuit?

BC: Absolutely, it is the very best spot in Dallas to consign and look for special designer pieces to add to my clients wardrobe as well as my own! Always a successful treasure hunt at this amazing store.

CC: How do you think Clothes Circuit compares to the other consignment shops in the Dallas-area? Why do you like to shop or consign here vs. other options?

BC: It’s above the rest! Quality designer consignments, very up-to-date fashions.

CC: How do you utilize consignment stores? Do you consign gently-worn clothing and accessories as a way to get cash back? Do you shop consignment stores? Both?

BC: I consign for myself as well as my clients, and shop for myself and my clients! I usually end up spending my resale check on things I find that I cant live without there!

CC: Tell me about a great find or the best deal you’ve made by shopping consignment?

BC: A Hermes Birkin bag, I was dying to get but there is a waiting list at the store, in like new condition and ready for me to add to my collection

Racked names Clothes Circuit “Top Consignment Store in Dallas”


“Whether you’re looking for Louis (Vuitton) or selling your Gucci,” writes Racked, “consignment stores can be a sartorial wonderland.” In a recent article they name their Top 7 picks for the best consignment stores in Dallas. We were honored to make the list. But, how did we do it? Racked points out that (Clothes Circuit) has a season-long consignment option and is able to sell 95 percent of the items which it consigns. Items which remain unsold after their final End of Season sale are donated to The Family Place in the consignor’s name.” They also note that “Selling contracts extend for an entire season with 45 percent of the selling price going to a consignor. You’ll receive 60 percent for any jewelry priced over $400 or handbags/clothing priced over $750.”

They actually got that last bit wrong… The fact is that you’ll receive 60% for any fine jewelry, handbags or accessory items we are able to sell for $250 or more.

We appreciate the nod! You can read this article in its entirety at

Overheard at Clothes Circuit: Tales from the Floor

A corporate trainer from Florida who travels all over the world, always instructs her travel agent to get her to Dallas while we are open on Sunday afternoons. She came right from DFW Airport and found about 8 things – including an outfit she wore out that evening.

Another regular customer introduced her sisters from Baltimore to the store on Saturday. They had been hearing about Clothes Circuit and seeing pictures of their sister’s finds. They had a great time and left with armloads.

Clothes Circuit Spotlights Debby Allbright

Debby Jett AllbrightDebby Allbright is the founder of Fashionmics, a full-service wardrobing and styling consulting company. Debby is a current Kim Dawson model and former Wihelmina New York and Ford LA model who knows everything you need to know about fashion, shopping and staying on trend. She is also an expert organizer and wants to help you get your closet in shape! She loves to help women and men look their best and feel great everyday. We asked Allbright to share her thoughts on consignment shopping and using resale to recycle gently-worn goods:

“When working with a client we edit the closet first. I encourage them to let go of items that they no longer wear so that someone else can enjoy them,” says Allbright, “I take the items to Clothes Circuit and feel very confident that (you) will consider each item carefully. I am constantly coming in the back door to bring consignment items from my client’s closets. I have many clients who shop at Clothes Circuit. They are smart shoppers who recognize quality and designer labels at a great price.

The location of Clothes Circuit is very convenient for me and initially is the main reason I chose to consign my client’s things there. I also love that you donate items you cannot take to The Family Place. That plays a big part in my confidence in taking clothing, shoes and accessories here. Linda and the other girls who work at Clothes Circuit do an amazing job and I am so thankful for all of them. Why would I go anywhere else?? Clothes Circuit takes great care of me and my clients really appreciate the service attention to detail.”

When asked to name her greatest find Allbright recounts, “One of my clients found a new Burberry Coat with the tags still on it!!!” We always say that shopping here is like a treasure hunt. You never know she you are going to strike gold!

To learn more about Debby Allbright and Fashionomics, visit



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Pastels are so in right now it hurts (in a good way!). Swipe to the end to for a very summer-appropriate size 4 Burberry halter, now only $37.50 at 70% off🍭