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Thanks to PureWow for naming CC – A Dallas Hidden Gem

Clothes Circuit
Ever wonder what Park Cities women do with their clothes after a few wears? One stop at Clothes Circuit, the consignment store on Sherry Lane in University Park, will answer that: They resell their clothes at fractions of the retail cost. Designer brands include the Wangs (Vera and Alexander), Louis, Ralph, Tory, Stella and many more. Score designer shoes, dresses, denim, bags and coats without totally breaking your budget. Insider tips: Go on Tuesdays to get an extra 10 percent off, and be sure to ask about the layaway plan.

Clothes Circuit, 6105 Sherry Lane; 214-696-8634 or

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Consign with us and Win -Guidance from Debby Allbright.

Debby Allbright—longtime friend of Clothes Circuit, Kim Dawson Model and style and wardrobe consultant extraordinaire—is helping us say THANK YOU to our consignors. Consign with us from 2/29 – 3/5 and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $300 gift certificate for Debby’s Fashionomics consulting.  She’ll help you organize your closet and make the most of your current wardrobe.  We look forward to seeing you!

Free Fashion guidance from Debby Allbright – Fashionomics


Photo courtesy of

Debby’s Tips

ORGANIZE — Organizing your closet is the first step to bringing order to your wardrobe and your life. We want you to be able to see your things, get dressed without stress and feel peaceful when you walk into or out of your closet. Eventually, this may entail a trip to the Container Store, Target, etc. to purchase the items you need to make your closet more efficient and orderly.

EDIT — As we analyze your closet, deciding what items to keep, we will try on clothes to see if they fit and need to be kept, tossed or altered. Have you worn them in the last year or two, will you ever wear them, etc.? This includes shoes, accessories, and handbags. I will take the items we decide to “let someone else enjoy before it’s too late.” Let’s see… where might you take those items?

UPDATE — Fashion is constantly changing and moving forward. We like to make sure that your organized closet is making your life easier. Continuing to edit and assess your wardrobe is an ongoing process and we want to keep you updated from season to season. It definitely gets easier.

Check-out lots more at her website Fashionomics and stop-by to consign and for a chance to win time with this Style Star.



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Style Inspiration from Melissa Rountree

We think of Clothes Circuit as a community of fashion-lovers. Together with our consignors and customers, we create a fashion experience that could only happen in Texas. As we head into our 33rd year, we are celebrating a few of our favorite local style icons, women who inspire us with their flare and passion.

Melissa Rountree_Evening

Meet Clothes Circuit Style Muse, Melissa Rountree.

 “Confidence is always in style,” according to the radiant Melissa Rountree. “I’m sort of anti-trend and feel that you should always dress for yourself and when you feel good in your clothes, you are more confident.” With Melissa’s timeless elegance with an edge style, you might not be surprised to learn that she had a fast-paced career in beauty at both Dior and Chanel. But, you’d probably never guess that this glamour girl grew up on a farm in Nebraska. That is unless her warmth and easy smile gave away her small town roots.

Lucky for us she was attracted to the big city and non-stop travel brought her to Dallas where she met her husband Bob and found her new home. With two young children and eager to spend less time on the road, Melissa shifted focus, but didn’t slow down. She’s now a luxury residential real estate agent with Dave Perry-Miller specializing in the Park Cities. To keep life balance, Melissa puts great emphasis on health and exercise which she says helps her stay in tune with her body and connected to her mind and spirit.   A passion for Bar training led her to become a certified instructor — you can let her put you through the rigors of a class at Bar Method in Inwood Village.

Melissa Rountree_Fitness

For most people having a family and two jobs would be enough, but Melissa’s boundless creativity and energy led her to launch Level 3 Active. The online store offers a curated collection of graphic printed leggings and fashion tops. Like us, Melissa believes that looking fashionable is for all aspects of your life! “I practically live in work out clothes and I just wasn’t happy with what was out there,” she says. “There are just too few lines that are different and cool. And when I would find a great design, 6 other people would be wearing it. So I have really sought out vendors that offer small, limited edition designs that are unique.”

Melissa is a bright presence at charity and social events where she is a frequent focus of photographers and gives of her time and talents to several organizations. Her focus on health led her to get involved with the Elisa Project, which educates and raises awareness of eating disorders. She is excited to have recently joined the Board and is currently working on their February fundraiser.

Melissa Rountree_Business Casual

Multiple powerhouse careers, beautiful family, and expansive community involvement, all with an infectious smile. Who wouldn’t feel confident? Starting Friday, January 15, stop by Clothes Circuit to browse a special selection of items curated by Melissa. Her picks represent items in our store she feels best represent her style or are “can’t miss treasures”. Melissa has also generously donated a tank and pair of legging from Level 3 Active that we are giving away through Instagram and Facebook. Connect with us for your chance to win on either or both channels! The contest will run Fri, Jan. 15 – Fri, Jan. 22.

Photos by Sukilynn Photography



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Style Inspiration from Samantha Stewart

This year, Clothes Circuit celebrates 32 years of sharing legendary Dallas fashion at astonishing prices. We have so much fun uniting the fashion-loving women who come through our doors – consignors and customers with an amazing range of ages, professions and styles. With the revamp of our website, we found it the perfect time to celebrate some of our favorite local style icons.  We hope you’ll enjoy hearing from these women who inspire us with their flare and passion.

Photographer: Angie Garcia
Meet Clothes Circuit Style Muse, Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart (or “Sam” as her friends call her) is the creative director and voice behind the personal style blog, Style of Sam. It is her wonderful sense of approachable city chic and grounded attitude about life and fashion that attracted us to this working mother. A pharmacist by profession, she uses her style blog to express her love of beautiful things and showcase her unique sense of style. One day she’s challenging the rule about wearing white after Labor Day (after all, in Texas it will be in close to 100 degrees until October) and the next she’s preaching the merits of wearing color. “Hot pink is universally flattering and less intimidating than red, but still makes a great statement,” says Sam. You’ll also find her singing the praises of her favorite beauty products and sharing new finds with readers. A great example of her stylish prose can be seen on this Local Love: Clothes Circuit blog post written about her visit to Clothes Circuit last spring.

This savvy style maven recognizes the value of investment dressing – and is a pro at channeling the funds many spend on “fast fashion” into quality purchases that will last for years. She is a master at taking high-quality designer pieces and wearing them many different ways, giving her the ability to always look super stylish but stay on a budget. “Consignment shopping is one of my favorite style secrets because you can find designer and quality items at a fraction of the price,” said Sam, “I love to look luxe without spending a fortune! One of my favorite quotes is from Rachel Zoe, ‘It’s better to have fewer things of quality then too much expendable junk’.” We couldn’t agree with Sam and Ms. Zoe more!

The Stewart Family Photographer: Angie Garcia

The Stewart Family
Photographs by: Angie Garcia

We are constantly delighted by Sam’s stylings.  Check out our website or come by the store to see more of her looks.  We also hope you’ll bookmark Style of Sam as a part of your regular online reading and connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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Tips for Investing in Your First Fur

Today is the official first day of fall and we’re already seeing pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! That means it’s time to rearrange your closet to bring out all your jackets and cardigans to the forefront! During this process, however, you start to get that nagging feeling again. The same feeling you get every season when layers start to take over your wardrobe and you say to yourself, “Is this the year I should do it? Should I get a fur coat?”

Our answer is YES! You should absolutely add a fur to your closet, but we know why there can be hesitation. A fur is an investment piece. We’ve put together a quick “Fur 101” lesson to help you bring home the perfect first fur.

  1. Look for bald spots in areas where rubbing can occur. Such as the elbows, underarms and neckline.
  2. Longhaired furs such as fox are some of the warmest furs you can buy but mink or chinchilla furs have dense underfurs that will also harness exceptional warmth.
  3. Most fur is known for being a luxury investment piece. However, if you’re looking for a reasonable priced first fur coat you will likely be going with a beaver, opossum or raccoon fur as they are less expensive.
  4. Furs are made from pelts, which are sections of the fur sewn together to make the garment. To make sure you are getting a genuine fur, check the underneath of a coat to make sure you feel a smooth suede leather-like texture.

At Clothes Circuit, we absolutely adore the furs we receive! Our consignors take great care of these pieces and it shows on each fur coat. It’s an absolute privilege to help these amazing garments find a new furever home. Ok, that was a bad pun but we hope it made you smile a little! Come in and give one of these fabulous coats a try on for size! You’ll realize that this is your year to go for it and add this investment piece to your wardrobe!

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60’s Revival: How to Shop the Style

Since Texas weather just can’t make up its mind right now, we’re talking about a style that couldn’t have more perfect transitional pieces- the 60’s revival. We mentioned in our Fall 2014 Must-Haves guide that bold geometric patterns and short hemlines were a big part of this trend, which is also why these pieces are perfect during this Dallas weather indecision! As a consignment shop we see a lot of clothing move in and out of our store. We don’t have a specific section dedicated to 60’s style for fall but that’s where our shop the style tips below will come in handy! Not only will you be able to come in and peruse our great selection of dresses, handbags, shoes and accessories for everyday wear but you’ll know the basics of what make 60’s style to build a wardrobe that would make Twiggy herself envious!

Women's Resale Fashion

Alexa Chung wearing a modern A-line dress & kitten chunky heels.

Shop the 60’s Style tips:

1. A-Line Dresses/Skirts/Coats: Each of the pieces can have the A-line shape and absolutely scream 60’s style. What to look for: fitted at the hips and flares slightly through the length of the skirt or dress. Forms an A shape silhouette. Also, some dresses and coats are fitted at the shoulders and flare out created a full body “A” shape.

2. Pointed/Kitten Heels: The fantastic thing about these heels is the versatility beyond seasons on into environments. Perfect for work, night out or Saturday morning coffee. What to look for: The original kitten heel is a heel of 1-2 inches and is essentially a shorter stiletto. We do love the modern spin on these classic heels like the chunky kitten heels on Alexa Chung pictured above. Also, pointed toes are also a classic look from the 60’s. This is a pretty self explanatory one but we recommend test driving these in a ballet flat to get used to walking with pointed toes before diving head first into pointed toe stilettos.

3. Bold Geometric Prints: The great thing about modern style is we mix styles and eras to make our wardrobes unique, comfortable and fashionable. Bold patterns are always a statement no matter if you’re making a full 60’s style revival to your wardrobe or trying to escape always sticking with neutrals. What to look for: Concentric lines, circles, and triangles, oh my. Even if you don’t want to branch away from the neutral color palette, this pattern makes a statement in any color choice.

Who’s ready to put these style tips to use? Come shop Clothes Circuit’s multiplying racks of fall blouses, skirts, dresses and shoes and start channeling your modern day Twiggy now! At Dallas’ leading consignment store, you’ll find all of the seasons hottest trends at incredible prices.

Photo and style inspiration from

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10 Ways to Rock a Chunky Sweater This Fall

Today, we’re talking about oversized chunky sweaters and why we absolutely adore them for fall.  They’re comfy, warm, luxurious, fuzzy, versatile, and comfy (we mentioned that already but it deserves a double mention)! The word “comfy” might conjure up mental images of loungewear but you can be comfy and still be chic! Here are 10 of our favorite ways to style chunky sweaters to look chic this fall!

Chunky + Monochrome, Chunky + Leather Legging, Chunky + Pencil Skirt, Chunky + Basic Shift Dress

Left to Right: Chunky + Monochrome | Chunky + Leather Legging | Chunky + Pencil Skirt | Chunky + Basic Shift Dress

  1. Chunky + Skinny Jeans: a classic combo that just about anyone has in their closet. Throw on an ornate pair of earrings and toss your hair up in a bun for a classic comfy-chic fall look.
  2. Chunky + Leather Leggings: Take comfy-chic to an edgy level by adding a pair of leather leggings under your sweater. This look soars to a whole new level when you also add a statement heal like Olivia Palermo does with this outfit.
  3. Chunky + Boyfriend Jeans: By pairing these two slouchy friends together, you make one fabulously comfy and stylish outfit. Add a button down silk blouse under the sweater to add just a hint of feminine charm.
  4. Chunky + Pencil Skirt: It’s a wardrobe combo to always base your style around- fitted & oversized. By pairing your chunky-knit sweater with a long pencil skirt you’ll be ready for work or an impromptu happy hour with the girls.
  5. Chunky + Leather Skirt: where classy meets edgy. Similar to leather leggings but the skirt aspect adds an extra touch of girly playfulness.
  6. Chunky + Basic Shift Dress: Talk about styling from your closet. We love that an oversized chunky sweater and a plain-Jane shift dress can become completely different pieces by being layered. Be sure to add a belt to bring out some silhouette.
  7. Chunky + Colored Corduroy: Mixing textures is probably our favorite part about this outfit. Not only are knit fabrics and corduroy already comfortable, but they create subtle and elegant mixtures of color and pattern to your fall wardrobe.
  8. Chunky + Maxi Skirt: Need we say more here? Chunky Sweater and a maxi skirt both scream, “throw me on and go.” Perfect for an on-the-go weekend outfit!
  9. Chunky + Monochrome: Similar to the pattern play we love about the chunky sweater and corduroy, the multitude of textures you can find within a monochromatic color palette will have you looking chic and put together for any occasion this fall!
  10. Chunky + Classic White Button Down: This is a tip that you can apply to any of the above suggestions in case it’s an extra cold day, you are in love with a chunky sweater that has itchy wool or you’re wanting a pop of crisp white to separate your sweater and pant.

At Clothes Circuit, we are adding new knits and sweaters to the sales floor every day. While it may be a while before you can wear them in Dallas, we encourage you to shop today for the best selection. Preparation is key to looking cool.

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Posh Prints for Fall 2014

Fair Isle Blog Image

In Dallas, cooler temperatures aren’t coming for a few months but they will come and with them bring not only heavier fabrics and more layers but prints. Some of the traditional fall prints that we all know and love like Fair Isle and plaid are always in style in the cooler months but we’ve also been falling (no pun intended) for some of the new prints on the runways!

  1. Windowpane prints: the trendy cousin of plaid. This fun print is casual enough for the weekends but can be dressed up by throwing a crisp white oxford and a chunky necklace on for the office.
  1. Garden prints: saw an abundance of floral prints with a twist at Paris fashion Week. We’re stopping to smell the roses (ok that pun was intended and a bit of a stretch) with this trend because this pattern has been a friend of our since spring and we’re excited to extend this relationship past a summer fling! Pair a floral-printed dress with some tights and a leather jacket and you’ve got yourself the perfect night out with the girls ensemble!
  1. Bold shapes: As we mentioned in a previous blog on fall fashion trends for 2014, 60’s style is coming back with a vengeance! Not just with the length of dresses but in the bold shapes being used. Large circles and rectangles are among some of the shapes making these bold new patterns. We find this pattern extra fun to mix and match with other more delicate prints like polka dots or stripes.

Come shop our fall fashion racks now and start discovering all the amazing wardrobe additions you need to walk your office hallway like it’s Paris Fashion Week.

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Layering 101

(8.25) Layers

There’s a fine line between fall layers being fabulous or just a hot mess. Literally. Have you ever sat at an event or at your desk at work and felt too hot or uncomfortable? We’ve all been the victim of bad layering but never fear, Clothes Circuit is here with your guide to the best way to layer your fall wardrobe pieces! Layering the right fabrics with the right wardrobe pieces is really an art and if done right it will have you looking chic and put together this fall.

Since Clothes Circuit is now accepting fall denim, fine furs, sweaters and boots, completing your layered look is easy, especially when you know what you’re looking for! Oxford button downs, pencil skirts or fine fabric sweaters like cashmere or merino can all be found now when you come shop our fall fashion racks.

“It’s all about proportions, textures and silhouettes,” says InStyle on the art of layering. Check out their guide to layering like the professional stylists:

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Fall 2014: Fashion Must-Haves

Fall Fashion Musts

Some of these trends may just be for the runways but as you continue to follow our blog over the next several months you’ll learn some of our tips and tricks for how to style these fashionable frocks for everyday:

  1. 60’s style: channel your inner Twiggy and don’t be afraid of those hemlines creeping up a bit because 60’s fashion is big for fall. A-line dresses, bright-colored jewelry and bold geometric patterns will be some of the musts to try this fall.
  2. Knit Me Cozy: once those brisk winds start in, we’ll all be reaching for the layers. No longer is one of our favorite fabrics confined to the top half! The runways for fall revealed cozy knit pants that were worn adjacent with chunky oversized knit sweaters. We don’t think this trend will spark the extinction of blankets but possibly for the snuggie (an we aren’t upset about that!) It’s all about being cozy and warm!
  3. Fair Isle Print: Once only associated with nerdy dad sweaters around the holidays, this fun pattern has made quite the self-image overhaul. This pattern will be found this fall on just about every piece of clothing you can think of and we encourage you to give it a try. Socks, hats, sweaters or scarves, this trend will make you feel like sipping hot cocoa while hitting the slopes in no time!
  4. Fur Is Fun: this luxurious wardrobe pieces is always one that turns heads. It takes a fashionista to rock fur, but with the right piece we think fur vests, shrugs or coats will take your style to the next level this fall.
  5. Fashion Hits Home: Probably the trend we’re most excited about is one that hits close to home: the western trend. Between hats, fringe, leather and thick denim will be big this fall.

At Clothes Circuit we want to be your style headquarters, your go-to spot to help fill in any of those wardrobe gaps you may discover after hearing about all these amazing new fall trends! Check back each week as we talk more about trends and learn how to make them work for your everyday style!

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