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Ann TobiasFashion designer Ann Tobias is a woman with a mission: to introduce all women to the beauty of colors, motifs and handiwork found around the world through her collections. With impressive and prestigious degrees in both vocal performance and fashion design, a well-used passport, and a passion for all things handmade, she’s spent thirty-five years working with Mrs. H. Winter, Frank Masandrea, Basix Black Label, and Mike Benet before starting her own Ann Tobias, Leslie Lucks, and most recently Roja Collection, launched in 2011.

Understanding and appreciating how fashion can make a woman feel beautiful, Ann designs clothes that can be casual yet sophisticated, and always flattering and classic. Currently deep in the design world working on the Spring 2015 Collection for Roja, Ann managed to find a few minutes to talk to us about her experiences with consignment shopping.

We asked Ann for her thoughts on consignment shopping and the state of fashion:

Clothes Circuit: Do you consign your gently worn clothing?
Ann Tobias: I do consign my gently worn clothing to Clothes Circuit and have for over 25 years!

CC: Do you also shop consignment stores? What do you like about the experience?
AT: I have always shopped consignment stores and been proud of it! I love a bargain and finding designer and couture clothing that is in perfect condition, merchandised well AND affordable, is my kind of “sport”! The women of Dallas shop the world and have great taste, so why not take advantage of that great pool of talent?

CC: Can you tell me about a great find or bargain you have found through shopping resale?
AT: One of my favorites, found right here at Clothes Circuit, is a one of a kind, hand-painted, black suede circular skirt that I love and wear to this day….now where else would you find something like that? I also love my Valentino cameo pink silk charmeuse top, with hand-rouched sleeves and shoulder motifs.

CC: What is your favorite current fashion trend?
AT: Ethnic-inspired hand embroidery in beautiful colors on almost anything!

CC: On that note, what trend are you glad has moved on or gone out of style?
AT: Frankly, I’m glad that the trend is that we can now wear anything we choose to wear and the myopic trends of the past, that dictate only one silhouette, one style or one color as fashionable, are finished….

CC: How would you describe your personal style?
AT: I love handiwork, such as beading or embroidery, that reflects different cultures, times and lifestyles. I guess you could call me a bohemian- hippie- chameleon- romantic that loves fine fabrics, great craftsmanship and gorgeous color combinations. I constantly change and combine looks, always seeking new and very different kinds of shapes, textures and embellishments.

To view Ann Tobias’s collections, visit, where you can find her schedule of upcoming events and learn where to purchase her clothing.

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